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Formed in 2012, London-based The Statue Thieves play riffs and bring in tones influenced by classic rock to create unique psychedelic textures of blues, noise and soul. As the name of the band suggests, The Statue Thieves stand on the line that separates cultural canons from vandalism, classical beauty from dissonance, technique from spontaneity. Whilst being influenced by the current underground scene, their music never seems to identify with a defined genre: it is rather the result of the constant dialogue between the essence of 60s garage rock and sonically exciting nuances and textures that derive from reggae, shoegaze and funk.​

After three years from the release of their third EP Revolutions in Your Mind, The Statue Thieves come back with their debut full-length album Laniakea. The LP was recorded to tape within a two-day time frame - thus embracing the beauty of imperfections and capturing the energy of the moment - and it’s a 40-minute excursion into the depths of the human experience, guiding the listener through hallucinatory tributaries about our life in the supercluster Laniakea, the immeasurable heaven home to our planet.

“The album begins with the short and sweet ‘Laniakea (A New Time)’, a soft and slow introduction that eases you into the first stage of the Laniakea journey. Slipping into the return of a golden era for music, ‘Laniakea (A New Time)’ is a high starting point that only continues to soar as the album progresses. This smooth sound continues into the seductive ‘Why’d Wake Heart?’, the name appropriate by how it awakens the attraction of The Statue Thieves’ music, an almost hypnotic sound that continues to pull you in. Lead track, ‘Jacob’s Well’, is a floating fairy tale with a combination of lulling chord picking and jarring electric solos that vibrate throughout the body. The sound of ‘Jacob’s Well’ adds a little Audioslave flavour into the mix but overlaid with raspy vocals. ‘So Much Trouble’ is like a momentary escape with its wavering and hazy sound, the song transporting you out of the stratosphere and close to Nirvana.” - MUSIC NEWS TODAY

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